We Start With Compliance

Our 5-Step Process gets you to compliance quickly, allowing you to take the time to learn and apply accessibility best practices efficiently.

  • Identify a baseline and determine your goals
  • Implement the best technology based solution that gets to you to compliance quickly with minimal disruption
  • Create a Road-map to Improve Content
  • Perform Remediations / Monitor Your Team
  • Evaluate Progress and Determine Future Needs 

The old method to accessibility and compliance was very manual, time consuming, complicated and expensive.


The new software based solutions achieve compliance quickly and efficiently but can be costly and limiting.


Digital Echo's 5-Step Process combines the best of both approaches. We efficiently achieve compliance and provide the necessary support to create a website that is more accessible, usable and inclusive.


Digital Echo has partnered with the best in the market and look to leverage these tools to achieve compliance.  Our 5-Step Process leverages the best tool for you to achieve compliance quickly.  But accessibility is more than compliance and standards.  It's about creating content that is accessible and inclusive of your broad audience.  Our process also provides ongoing consulting, monitoring, training and remediation to make the underlying content usable, accessible and inclusive.

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1.  Identify a Baseline and Determine Your Goals

The complexity of accessibility issues varies greatly. We utilize initial audit reports, manual reviews and dashboards to:
  • Determine a baseline
  • Outline the accessibility issues of the site 
  • Identify your goals for accessibility and the most efficient path to remediate

2.  Leverage Technology, Achieve Compliance

Move the needle! Quick wins are imperative for motivation.  We will implement the best technology based solution based on your needs and goals and can achieve compliance in 90-120 days. By starting from a place of compliance we can now look to make the necessary improvements to content and templates on your schedule, to align with resources and to minimize future costs.

Want to stop here? No Problem, your site is compliant.


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3.  Create a Road-map to Improve Content

We can do the work or we can leverage your team by guiding and consulting with them to create/edit content as pages and templates are adjusted throughout the year. 

We work with our clients to determine a schedule that fits your team and identifies target milestones. By working with a site that has already achieved compliance you can adjust the project schedule based on team availability, workload or even vacation schedules.

Once we identify the team and how the CMS is implemented we can determine the best course of action for remediation. For content editors, we can create a “cheat sheet” that helps identify the most common issues that need to be considered when creating or editing all content. We can work with your developers to make adjustments to templates.


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4.  Perform Remediations / Monitor Your Team

Work the plan. Based on your need Digital Echo can either perform the remediations needed to bring the underlying content up to standards or we can provide periodic (monthly, or quarterly) consulting, reporting and review of the content your team is creating. 


5.  Evaluate Progress and Determine Future Needs 

Digital Echo’s independent approach and putting the client first is in perfect alignment with this plan. At the end of year 1 we can determine the progress, how your needs have changed and set the best course of action moving forward. This may include renewing the current software, using a different tool, or eliminating the need for a licensed tool altogether.


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