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The CityGrows Best-of-Breed Solution

CityGrows is a simple, low-cost platform that lets you create online versions of government workflows from start to finish, making them simpler, faster, and more effective. You can set up and manage workflows on CityGrows without the technical knowledge, coding, IT support, or expensive custom software. Because you or someone on your team does the setup themselves, you're always in control of how things work. And, because we're so user-friendly, we can provide governments with access to excellent digital tools at extremely low cost.


Build forms

Digital forms help to minimize data entry, eliminate errors, and reduce constituent and staff frustration.


Process payments

Online payments speed up processing times and help increase revenue and compliance.

apporve and review

Approve and review

CityGrows auto-delegates review to the right people. This improves efficiency without increasing workload.

provide ACCESS

Provide access

Access to data, timelines, status updates, and more promotes positive interactions and accurate expectations.

CityGrows workflows include:

  • Easily customized, mobile-responsive digital forms
  • Online signatures
  • Integrated online payments
  • Online reviews and approvals
  • Performance management tools for continuous improvement
  • In-app communication tools


  • Real-time status updates and reminders
  • Formulas for fees and other calculations
  • Logic for complex workflows
  • Setup and management tools that don't require technical expertise, coding, or IT
  • Easily exportable data
  • Simple, automatic, customization open data portal


Governments are using CityGrows for everything from business licenses to dog licenses - from building permits to employee evaluations. Their teams are working more efficiently, completing permits and licenses faster, and staff and constituents are happier. Get in touch and find out how CityGrows can help your government work smarter!

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